Chocolate is made of cacao fruit, fruit grows on plants, hence chocolate is a salad. See, we are trying our best to make sure that you can indulge in chocolate this Chocolate Day. Chocolate, if eaten in moderation, is considered great in reducing stress levels, lower blood pressure, prevent stroke. It is the additional sugar which is the culprit and not the chocolate, so here are a few ways of indulging into the delectable food :


  1. Sprinkle On Fruit Salad

Make your fruit salad more interesting by generously sprinkling it with unsweetened chocolate powder and enjoy it.


2. Add in smoothie

Don’t loose heart at the kale and spinach concoction, just add a spoonful of your favorite dark chocolate along with low-fat yoghurt to give it a chocolaty consistency.


3. Dark Chocolate

Indulge in dark chocolate for all the right reasons. Dark chocolate is good for health and alleviates cramps and without sugar, it is a great snack.


4. Chocolate with natural sugar

If you are someone who still wants to got for sweet chocolate, make sure to only eat the ones which have natural sugar. According to experts, stevia is an additive that replaces sugar well.


5. Chocolate Scrub and Face Pack

If you want to go for some indulgence beyond eating, then immerse yourself in sweet smelling chocolate scrub and face packs. They are refreshing and in some cases, antiaging as well.