About us

A dream that took 4 years to take shape but nonetheless, became a reality. Thanks to individuals who came together and shared true spirits of perseverance as their core values.

Radio Olive 106.3 FM has created a milestone in the history of this nation by being the first private Hindi FM station to be aired from the State of Qatar.  With the best of On-Air talents and production teams on board, Radio Olive aims to provide the best of information, music, and entertainment to the diaspora from the Indian Sub-Continent.

With an audience of over 1.6 million listeners and viewers that continues to grow, Olive Suno Radio Network along with its two stations – Radio Olive and Suno FM helps agencies attain maximum target reach due to their top tier radio solutions that seamlessly integrate with the respective programming.

It’s a no-brainer, therefore, that Radio Olive has become the destination for radio fans, brands and advertisers from the State of Qatar to come together as one.


Get in touch with us by writing to us at pr@olive.qa

If you like listening to us then so do we! Give us a call on 4444 1063.