When summers are here, they bring along with them some amazing fruits for everyone to gorge on. Among them watermelon deserves a special mention for all the benefits that it specially brings. Containing almost 92% water, loaded with vitamins and minerals, watermelon is a favorite with food-lovers and diet-conscious people equally. While you may know the taste and texture of this fruit well, we bet you didn’t know the following interesting facts about it :

1. As juicy and high on water content this fruit is, its origins are traced to the Kalahari Desert.
2. Watermelon is not just categorized as a fruit but also as a vegetable.
3. Also, watermelon can be consumed whole too, from the fleshy part to the rinds as well as the seeds, it is all edible.
4. There are over 1200 varieties of watermelon in the world.
5. Watermelon sweetness is measured by something called a Brix Scale.
6. There is something called seedless watermelon. Technically, the seeds are immature and soft so can be eaten up without the person realizing it.
7. Watermelons don’t really have a final size, they can grow pretty big with the largest one being 159 kgs.