The Countdown has begun…………..

One more day to go and we will be in 2019.

Around the world, new year’s eve is celebrated in  unique ways. Radio Olive 106.3 FM brings five such unique ways of celebrating New Year.

  1. Smashing Plates – In Denmark, people roam around to smash plates and glasses against the front doors of the houses of their friends & Families. The amount of glass pieces you have in front of your house shows how popular you are.


Denmark NY 1


2. Ringing Bell s 108 times– In Japan, New Year is celebrated by ringing bells in Buddhist Temples, not only once or twice but 108 times. If you are in Tokyo, witness this ritual at City’s Iconic zojoji Temple.

Ringing Bells

3. Jumping Waves – In Rio De Janiero, Brazil, People jump seven waves of the sea believung that it will bring good luck. More luck would come your way if you wear white and carry white flowers to thro win to the sea. Try it out on christmas eve this time.


jumping waves


4. Feasting seven, nine and twelve times – In estonia, perople indulge in eating a lucky number of meals. The numbers are 7, 9 and 12 . By eating these many times means you will have the strength of these number of men. The numbers seven, nine and twelve are considered to be the luckiest.


5. Eating Grapes – In Spain, people welcome new year by eating 12 grapes, one for each stroke of midnight. It is harder that it sounds.


eating grapes





Have fun this new year eve and Jiyo Bindaas….