During this time of COVID-19 pandemic, it becomes important for each one of us to keep ourselves safe. While the infection can affect anybody and everybody, the ones at high risk are people suffering with pre-existing medical conditions and chronic illnesses like diabetes. As the virulence of the disease grows, it is evident that it is causing a crisis in the health sector across the world. Patients are advised to practice social distancing to avoid infection at all cost. At this time providing regular care while coping with this challenge is only possible through remote care. Remote care can help support patients in managing their chronic disease at home preventing complications and limiting hospital visits at this time of outbreak.
At this time Droobi Health Technology has come up with the solution. A Qatari company and a leader in the digital therapeutic solutions for chronic disease in the MENA region, Droobi Health Technology is tested, trusted and appreciated by health professionals, to deliver care remotely for those living with Diabetes and Chronic diseases. Droobi programs have been used and tested by over 3000 users, showing significant clinical and behavioral outcomes, large client satisfaction and impact on the quality of life for users and their families!
Right now need of the hour is to limit the spread of COVID-19 which can only be done by measures like reliable information about COVID-19, check symptoms and much more at one platform.
For this Droobi’s COVI Application is a must in everybody’s phone and lives. Endorsed by the Ministry of Public Health, supported by Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy and developed by Droobi Health Technology, this app helps to contain and mitigate COVID-19 outbreak in Qatar.
This is done by addressing the following points through the app :
1. Information is available in 5 languages which include Arabic, English, Hindi, Nepali, Malayalam, Urdu and Filipino. 
2. The app displays reliable information about COVID-19
3. It also includes self-symptom checker with adequate action steps received accordingly
4. The application provides education on prevention steps and measures
5. It also shares factual updates on status in Qatar, videos, educational material
6. COVI also sends daily reminders to encourage preventative measures and check symptoms
7. Finally, COVI App is available for free on Google Play store and Apple store.
At such times when social-distancing is a must especially for patients with pre-existing conditions. COVI can provide the help and education that we all need to stay away from infection.  Stay Safe, Stay Connected, Download COVI!