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Picture Abhi Baaaki Hai Mere Dost

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Meet them and you will know this is not the end, Picture Abhi Baaaki Hai Mere Dost. Because evening drive is incomplete without Hilarious Neeraj and effervescent Naina. This tom and jerry combination will make you laugh like never before, participate in games and quizzes, know all the latest happenings of the day from all walks of life be it Bollywood, sports, social media, and all over the world. Stay tuned to Sunset drive to know all about the trends and happenings even in the city with a dose of fun!


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Sunset Drive team

His mellow music compositions are always a breath of fresh air to our days. Our dedicated audio engineer and musician can do wonders with music notes. He started learning music at a very young age and has been an integral technical part of varied music events. He cherishes his ability to create different styles and […]

Sunset Drive crew

The dost you always needed…and the name is Neeraj. #ApnaNeeraj This ‘Gyan ki Dukhan’ is the friend that every person has. The guy throws around trivia at the drop of a hat and is known for his witty quirkiness and comebacks! Hopping around every other second, Neeraj oozes with enthusiasm and a love for life. […]

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