Scintillating Auditions Scenes from OLIVE ANTAKSHARI Season 2

All of Doha was abuzz as the Second Season of Olive Antakshari was opened for audition. Hundreds of entries came in by the time the registrations were closed. Many Bollywood and Singing enthusiasts made it to our office at Radio Olive and the auditions were hard to judge for the 106.3 FM Radio Olive Team. Even the judges here at Radio Olive were practicing hard.

For those who want to get into the know of how the audition went, here is a quick sneak peak of all the fun that happened between participants and our RJs, Harsha and Lallit.

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The auditions happened on Saturday, 15th of March. Participants came and marked their presence at the reception. After a quick introduction, the competitive rounds began.


Round 1 :

Round 1 was to make the participants more comfortable with performing in front of others. They were given one Letter to start the song and participants had a lot of fun while doing this task.

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Round 2 :

Here is where the competition started showing its true colors. The participants were now given a specific word. Their song must include the words and the ones who couldn’t get into allotted time were to be disqualified. A little difficult since the pressure was slowly mounting, but many participants were able to get through this one too.

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Round 3 :

This round judged Bollywood knowledge of all the competitors. Simple questions like the actor of a song or the singer were asked here, though this was just the warm-up round. Participants who cleared this round actually impressed our judges RJ Harsha and RJ Lallit.

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Round 4 :

The final round had many a participant sweating it out. The lyricist, music directors, supporting actor and many such questions were asked to the participants and it was an absolute fun experience and the day and the auditions drew to a close.

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We finally have 16 teams who shall be competing in the finals to win the 106.3 FM Radio Olive presents Olive Antakshari Season 2. Here’s to wishing all the competitors all the very best. May the Best Team Win!