Mahaseel Market is ready to enthrall all from this January 7th. Mahaseel Festival concluded its 5th edition with great activities in Katara and inaugurated Mahaseel Market.  

This time Mahaseel Market will be open for all from Thursday and Saturday from 9 am to 9 pm. On Friday it will open from 1 pm to 9 pm and it will continue till March end 2021.

The fifth edition was a huge success as it attracted Qatari farms and national companies specialized in agricultural produce. The main aim for the show was to encourage investors in agricultural investment and aim towards self-sufficiency.

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Mahaseel Festival saw 28 Qatari farms take part with their wares of home grown fresh vegetables and honey along with pavilions of chosen national companies. There were also beautiful flowers and ornamental plants displayed by 8 different nurseries.

The Festival celebrated the diversity of its exhibitors, many wings, good preparation and the star products displayed. 

Now Mahaseel Market will be there for all people to enjoy on the Southern part of Katara from the 7th January.

Residents can relish fresh local products from the farm that include vegetable, flowers, ornamental plants, and food products related to livestock. There will also be fine natural honey produced by Qatari farms and the best varieties of local dates. Local sheeps shall also be on display along with the participation of sheep and poultry meat, eggs, milk and its derivatives, and natural juices by major farms and national companies

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