Olive Suno Radio Network Shines with “Dance pe Chance Season 1” and “Dance Carnival” Extravaganza

Olive Suno Radio Network has once again proved its excellence in celebrating the togetherness of people through cultural celebrations. This time, we captivated the audience with the remarkable event: Radio Olive’s “Dance pe Chance Season 1” and Radio Suno’s “Dance Carnival”. These events not only highlighted the vibrant dance culture in Qatar but also showcased the talents of both Hindi and Malayalam speaking communities, reinforcing the position of Olive Suno Radio Network as the country’s No.1 south-Asian Radio network.

The success of these events would not have been possible without the invaluable contribution of our esteemed partners. A special thanks to:

Ahod Beauty Salon , Papa Johns ,Tawfeeq Travel ,Changan Auto , Absolute Barbecue’s , Royal Dunes Perfume , Alkaline Water and Symphony

The highlight of these dance competitions was the presence of the renowned dancer, actress, and choreographer Shanthi Master. Known for her remarkable contributions to south Indian cinema and television, Shanthi Master brought her expertise and charisma to the judging panel, inspiring participants and adding prestige to the event.

The dance competitions were divided into two categories: Junior and Senior, showcasing a plethora of young talent. The results were as follows:

Junior Category:

•First Prize: Natyanjali


Second Prize: Street Wolves

Third Prize: Bhavan’s Public School

Senior Category:

First Prize: Magic Feet’s Qatar

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Second Prize: Street Wolves

Third Prize: Bhavan’s Public School

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Each performance was a testament to the hard work, dedication, and passion of the participants. From the intricate choreography to the seamless execution, every dance group left the audience in awe.

Olive Suno Radio Network’s dance event not only provided a platform for showcasing talent but also fostered a sense of community and cultural pride. Families, friends, and dance connoisseurs gathered to cheer the performers, creating an atmosphere of unity and excitement.

The success of “Dance pe Chance Season 1” and “Dance Carnival” events were all thanks to the combined efforts of participants, partners, and the entire team of Olive Suno Radio Network. We look forward to more such celebrations that bring our community together and provide a stage for our talented youth to shine!

Stay tuned to Olive Suno Radio Network for more exciting events and updates!