Wednesday will be a monumental day for everyone in Doha and 106.3 FM Radio Olive and 91.7 FM Radio Suno are extremely happy to be a witness to this successful venture. Doha Metro has been a dream project in the making that every single resident of the city had been waiting to experience. The Ministry of Transport and Communications announced that the metro shall function from Wednesday. We at the Olive Suno network will give you a first hand experience of this amazing service of Doha Metro. For now, here we give you the first information about the much anticipated Doha Metro :

1. Doha Metro shall function from 8th May, Wednesday.

2. The official construction was started from the year 2013.

3. The current metro line will have its operation from the Al Qassar to Al Wakra.

4. There are 18 metro stations on this line.

5. For now the Red line will have 13 stations working in its initial phase.

6. Interestingly, Doha Metro is one of the fastest driverless trains in the world.

7. The trains can reach a speed of 100km/hr.

Tomorrow, 106.3 FM Radio Olive and 91.7 FM Radio Suno shall be giving you a first ever LIVE Show from the Doha metro and unveil its brilliant services. These trains are seen as most reliable and safe way to travel in the city with the commuters enjoying -service machines ticketing, intelligent air-conditioning and much more.