Qatari Product

Tuesday was a special day for Qatari manufacturers and producers as The Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MoCI) on Tuesday unveiled new logo of the Qatari Product. This logo can be used by obtaining necessary approvals and obtaining licenses by All manufacturers and producers as per MoCI tweet.

Further elucidating on the point, MoCI said that logo can be placed on advertising publications and other marketing materials, as well as used on locally manufactured and semi-manufactured products, equipment and other material.

As per MoCi’s official statement shared on Twitter following should be kept in mind with respect to the  logo :

“The logo can be applied on the front cover of the product’s packaging or any other side that is clearly visible to the consumer but should not be placed under the product.
“Adherence to the design guidelines is mandatory and changing the shape or content of the logo is not permitted.
“Logo stickers can be placed on shipping and distribution vehicles and must be designed to be proportional to the vehicle’s size.
“The grace period for updating to our new logo is six months from the date of the circular. All manufacturers, producers and outlets should adhere to this timeline.
“If you any queries, you can contact the department tasked with supporting the competitiveness of national products at the Ministry of Commerce and Industry or send an email to [email protected]” the tweet added.