Happy Birthday to the actress who doesn’t mince her words whether on-screen or off it. Kangana Ranaut is known as much for her controversies as she is known for her choicest roles. On her 32nd birthday, here are 5 amazing films which made all of Bollywood get up and take notice of this talented actor.


1. Gangster :

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At a mere age of 19, Kangana played the role of such complexity. She held her own against actors like Emran Hashmi and Shiney Ahuja. The role also won her multiple Best Debut of The Year award. Interestingly, the role was first offered to Chitrangada Singh and Mahesh Bhatt was unsure about casting Kangana, but she proved everyone wrong in the sweetest way possible.


2.  Fashion

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Many said the role of ‘Shonali Gujral’ will be what Kangana’s future looks like. But were they wrong?! Her performance as a homeless former model got her a lot of critical appreciation.  It also became a hit that cemented her place in Bollywood.


3. Tanu Weds Manu :

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The film has had a sequel but the first part always remains special for various reasons. Twists of fate that lead a confused over-smart girl and a perfect compliment to Madhavan’s role of ‘Manu’, into the latter’s life and how they get together is held beautifully by the actress and is known as one of the highest grossing movie with a female protagonist.


4. Queen :

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There is a certain freshness that Kangana brought to the character of naïve girl “Rani”. Her innocent portrayal of a girl who tries to make it on her own at the honeymoon destined for 2 is inspiring. The end of this movie signifies a great growth of the character that Kangana brings to screen flawlessly.


5. Manikarnika: The Queen Of Jhansi

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Kangana’s strongest suit has been of choosing some strong female oriented movies, it was obvious that this was one role she could not let go. Her stance as a warrior Queen fighting for her country is as inspirational as it looks. It was much acclaimed by critics as well as the audience.