Happy Birthday to Mr.Khiladi aka Akshay Kumar !!

This Bollywood star is also known as ”Indian Jackie Chan” as he is a trained martial artist and an expert to do stunt activities. This 51 year – old handsome chap is celebrating his b’day(today) with his family and fans in Mumba(i)y….Yes! I’m saying about Padma Shri Rajiv Bhatia. Who is famously known as Akshay Kumar.. scroll up to get some magnetic facts about him! Before that let’s wish him a Happy Birthday 🙂


Akshay Kumar 3


Do you know this 6 fascinating facts about Akshay Kumar ??

  • Akshay Kumar became the 1st Bollywood actor whose movies have crossed USD 440 mn in 2016 in their domestic net lifetime collection.

Akshay Kumar


  • He holds Canadian citizenship and received an Honorary Doctorate degree from the University of Windsor, CANADA.

Akshay doctorate


  • He’s a college Drop -out( what an inspirational statement) yeahh..he went to Bangkok to learn Martial arts. He’s got Black belt in Taekwondo.

akshay martial


  • He has worked as a chef and as a waiter before appearing on screens.

akshay chef



  • One of his dangerous stunning stunts was in KHILADI 420, where Kumar climbed on a running plane, stood on top of the plane onto a hot air balloon. (maybe that’s why he’s one of the “high-end”)

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  • He’s a teetotaller but has endorsed for a liquor brand.

akshay liquor


He has won hearts of millions by doing movies that never fails to give awareness to the public. Toilet Ek Prem Kadha and Pad Man are perfect examples for such kinda movies. Thanks for entertaining and educating us 🙂

You are the real  Fear Factor – Khatron Ke Khiladi !!

Birthday Wishes from Radio Olive 106.3 team :*