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Written by on March 7, 2019

Reading is a recluse that people choose when they want to travel through the recesses of their mind. Simply put, when you are tired and in no mood for social media and related disturbances, books can become your best friend. All you have to do is pick up any one that interests you; kid’s story, your favorite Harry Potter series or Sydney Sheldon books, and forget the worries of the world.

Radio Olive 106.3 FM brings you some interesting facts about your favorite books:

1. There is actual name for the love for smell of books:

That smell that you love sniffing as soon as you buy a new book can take you back into history. This is not exclusive just to you and the official name for this love is “Bibliosmia”.



2. Writing novels is a long job:

As per research writing a novel may take an average of up to 475 working hours.



3. Authors had no place on the cover in olden times:

In olden times, since the first cover of any book was considered an artwork it used to be covered in calligraphy, gold lettering and fancy drawing. This left no space for author’s name on the cover.



4. Tom Sawyer needed a lot of patience, in the book and while being written:

Tom Sawyer was actually the first book to be ever typed on a typewriter making the writer Mark Twain one of the most patient people to start the trend.



5. Your favorite Harry Potter is one of the most read :

J.K.Rowling definitely knew what she was doing when she wrote these books. The book is the Third most read book across the world.



6. Reading about yawning leads to yawning too :

It is exactly like seeing someone yawn, if you read about yawning a few times you will end up doing it too.



7. Alice may truly have been to a Wonderland :

The book “Alice In Wonderland” was inspired by an actual 10 year old girl and her real name was Alice Liddell.


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