Under high pressure you can either be a diamond, or an Espresso. That is the science behind this popular drink that we celebrate today. Hard to get and much appreciated for its finesse and eye-opening effect, Espresso is like a magic drink that most people use to wake up and get ready for the day.

Espresso has been confused with many drinks and processes because of its name, so let us begin here. The name Espresso is Italian for ‘something forced out’. The coffee is literally pressured out of the beans for the drink. The taste is so robust that it forms the base for many caffeine based drinks. From mochas, cappuccinos to the direct Espresso shot, the refined drink is a recharge for the senses. The single strong shot of Espresso is made with a lot of hardwork as each one contains extracts from 42-50 beans. It has to be strenuously quality checked as even one bad bean can lead to substantial change in the taste.

Although it is now a drink to enjoy with friends, initially this drink was made to cater  to workers. To discourage the workers from whiling away time during work hours, this mighty strong and concentrated drink was invented. So make sure to remember this when you look at your next cup of Cappuccino and enjoy it with this tasty bit of knowledge.