Empowering Communication and Leadership: Radio Olive Partners with District 116 Toastmasters

Radio Olive Partners with District 116 Toastmasters

Qatar’s no.1 Hindi radio station, Radio Olive 106.3FM, proudly announces its official partnership with District 116 Toastmasters – Qatar for the Annual Conference 2023. This collaboration aims to enhance public speaking and leadership skills within the community. As the official radio partner, Radio Olive will play a crucial role in amplifying the reach and impact of the conference.

Toastmasters International is renowned worldwide for its commitment to improving public speaking and leadership skills. By partnering with Radio Olive, the number one Hindi radio station in Qatar, Toastmasters can reach a broader audience and disseminate their mission and values effectively. This collaboration strengthens the communication and leadership abilities of the Hindi-speaking community in Qatar.

The Pullman Hotel, West Bay, will host the District 116 Toastmasters Annual Conference 2023 on May 26 and 27. With the captivating theme of “Engage to Empower,” this conference provides a platform for individuals to enhance their communication and leadership skills. Attendees will gain valuable insights and strategies to succeed in various areas of their lives.

Radio Olive’s partnership with Toastmasters exemplifies their shared vision of empowering individuals within the community. As the official radio partners of the event, Radio Olive is committed to amplifying the reach and impact of Toastmasters’ initiatives. Together, they are working hand in hand to transform lives and create a positive impact.

The collaboration between District 116 Toastmasters – Qatar and Radio Olive 106.3FM signifies a dedication to empowering individuals through improved communication and leadership skills. By leveraging the extensive reach of Radio Olive, Toastmasters can effectively disseminate their programs and events to a broader Malayalam-speaking audience. Through this partnership, they aim to create a positive impact and help individuals succeed in their personal and professional lives.