Forgetting is a common problem that a lot of us have. Whether it is forgetting birthdays, anniversaries, or material things like your metro pass and keys. While some forgetting are inconsequential and can be rectified, there are some important factors that you just shouldn’t forget and your faithful friend for every drive across Qatar, 106.3 FM Radio Olive will help you figure out which ones :



1. Hydration

Given the heat and the humidity around which will only soar in the coming months, make sure to remain hydrated throughout. Regular water breaks is something we would always recommend.


2. Any dates related to your female SO

Birthdays, anniversaries, first date or just their doctor’s appointment, these should be at the back of your hand or at least on your phone calendar. These will definitely help you avoid a lot of regret later and pay back in loads of love.


3. Chargers

Given that the whole human race is dependent on smart devices, going off the grid is not an option. So make sure that you have your dear portable charger or at least your cable handy so that you don’t miss out on any of the updates.


4. Boss’s Birthday

This one, we hope you give precedence for your own career’s sake. Your boss, especially the good ones, deserve an exclusive call on their day. After all they are the owns who decide how much dough you get, they do deserve a small cake from your side.


5. Locking the phone

As our phone contains all our information on it, whether it is personal or professional make sure to not forget to lock this precious entity. We would advice you to keep a numerical lock than a sliding one since moisturized hands can become a pain when trying to open the lock.


6. Password to your ATM

Now this one is important for everyone. ATM pins, especially new ones, should always be written down so that you don’t have to bang your head in case you forget in a sudden rush.