Qatar is a place laden with culture and beauty just waiting to be discovered, and a fine example is Al Zubara Fort. Built in the 1938, read on to discover this architectural monument and its significance in the making of Qatar’s history.

Al Zubara Fort is one of the many famous forts, also a military fort, outside the Doha Territory. It was built by Sheikh Abdullah bin Jassim Al Thani in 1938 in the town of Zubara which falls in the Al Shamal Municipality, approximately 105 kms away from the capital city. The purpose of constructing this was to serve as a coast guard station which later become a police station as the coast guard station was decommissioned.

It is currently one of the best-preserved forts given its size from the 18th-19th century time. Its entire layout is descriptive of the bygone era of the Persian Gulf when the merchant town was thriving. It dates back even before the discovery of oil and gas in the later century.

Concerning the structure, Al Zubara consists of 3 circular towers and a single rectangular tower which is made of cement and mud. These rooms preserve in them beautiful archeological finds and valuable artwork.

As far as the well is concerned, it once provided fresh drinking water but in present times has gone completely dry. The hardwork spent in making the well was obvious as the area consists of Dammam limestones which were dug by hand and it precisely extracted the thin band of fresh water at the depth of roughly 10 meters, avoiding the salty band completely.

Visit timing

Currently Al Zubara fort is a place for every history enthusiast. The museum which serves as a great landmark is open to public between 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. except for early Friday mornings and Saturdays.

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