Even during this time of social-distancing, keeping all necessary precautions in mind, Qatar has been developing rapidly. Many new roads are being opened up for swift transportation. Read on to know the multiple projects that have been completed in the mean time to help all residents of Qatar :

1. Ain Khaled, Umm Bab Clean Up Drive : The field teams at the General Cleaning Department of the Ministry of Municipality and Environment (MME) removed waste that was illegally dumped at Ain Khaled area. The workers also removed sand, accumulated at various parts of Umm Bab area. The MME has urged the public, both individuals and companies, to adhere to the Law of Public Cleanliness and Environmental Protection.
2. G-Ring Road Temporary Closure : The Public Works Authority (Ashghal) has announced a temporary closure on G-Ring Road for those heading to Hamad International Airport, between the Umm Besher and Jery Musabbeh interchanges, from 9 pm today until 4 am tomorrow. This will be done in co-ordination with the General Directorate of Traffic to “complete the installation of ITS gantries”, Ashghal has tweeted.
3. Awareness Campaign by Kahramaa To Deal With Electrical and Water Connections : Qatar General Electricity and Water Corporation (Kahramaa) has launched a series of awareness programmes on the best ways to deal with electrical and water connections, as part of its social responsibility and its keenness to increase awareness of the correct way to deal with these devices.