Celebrating International Cat Day: A Purr-fect Tribute to Feline Friends

International Cat Day

Every year on August 8th, a special day is marked on the calendar that brings joy to cat lovers around the world. International Cat Day is a celebration of these enigmatic, graceful, and sometimes quirky creatures that have managed to capture our hearts with their playful antics and captivating presence. Qatar’s No.1 Radio Network, Olive Suno Radio Network, in collaboration with various partners, is taking the lead in commemorating this day and spreading the message of compassion and care for our feline friends.

The origins of International Cat Day trace back to 2002 when the International Fund for Animal Welfare recognized the need to dedicate a day to cats worldwide. Beyond just being an opportunity for cat enthusiasts to shower their pets with extra love and treats, this day serves a deeper purpose. It’s a day to raise awareness about the importance of safeguarding orphaned cats and kittens, while also fostering a sense of empathy and kindness within humans to ensure their protection.

Qatar’s No.1 Hindi Radio station, Radio Olive, knows how to create a buzz, and this time, they’re doing it in honor of our feline companions. Teaming up with esteemed partners such as Carrefour, Alrawabi Hypermarket, Tawar Mall, Goodwill Cargo, Doha Exchange, Federal Bank, Bayara, Puravankara, and Spar Hypermarket, Olive Suno Radio Network is orchestrating a celebration that will resonate with cat lovers and animal enthusiasts alike. By joining hands with these organizations, Olive Suno Radio Network is not only spreading awareness about the significance of International Cat Day but also highlighting the importance of collective efforts in safeguarding our four-legged companions.After all, every day can be a celebration of the unique bond we share with our cats.