Join the cause! Keep Our beaches clean!

The Ministry of Municipality and Environment’s (MME) Public Cleaning Department has implemented a cleaning campaign of the northern-western beaches of the country stretching across 75 km.



Save our ocean! We only have one!

The main objective of this campaign is to reduce the number of waste materials on these beaches by raising beachgoers’ awareness regarding the impact of these garbage on our beaches and surrounding aquatic habitats. It is hoped, by continuously exposing them to positive messages for a long period of time, that beachgoers will become more conscious of the impact of their actions and consequently change their behaviour regarding throwing garbage at beaches.

This will have a huge impact on our coastal zones as it prevents marine pollution and continuous damage to the ecosystem. Let’s protect the earth as it is the home to everything and everyone.

Do your part of keeping the beach clean and the rest will fall into place!

The weather is so good today that it is almost impossible to resist going for a beach day out today!

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Wishing a very happy, healthy and safe weekend to all lovely people in Qatar!