During this Social Distancing period, Radio Olive is bringing you choicest movies to revisit. When it comes to cult classics “Sholay” is one movie no one can miss. Whether it is the story or the characters, chemistry, there are too many reasons to revisit this movie the coming weekend. Below we list 5 reasons for you to not miss the EPIC “SHOLAY”

1. In their time Salim-Javed had to run pillar to post to get their screenplay accepted. After several rejections the only person who accepted their idea was Ramesh Sippy. In fact the original screenplay was all of 4 lines and screenwriters has no respect. After this film, Salim-Javed changed the whole scenario.

2. The film saw the screenlight after 2 years of hardwork. It was released on 15th August 1975 while the launch date for the shooting was 2nd October 1973. The filmmakers did breathe a huge sigh of relief as the movie was screened uninterrupted   for 25 weeks in over 100 cinemas across the country.

3. Character choices were quite different when the original script was written. Gabbar’s role was made for Danny Denzongpa while Jai was to be played by Shatrughan Sinha. We will cover Veeru’s role in a bit.

4. The only reason that Dharmendra took the role of Veeru was to get close to Hema Malini. Believe it or not, the He-Man of Bollywood was meant to play Thakur’s role, and Sanjeev Kumar was to switch to Veeru. As fate would have it, Dharmendra won the role and Hema Malini’s heart.

5. While the Dharmendra-Hema love-story was only starting, Amitabh Bachchan and Jaya had a secret of their own. They had only gotten married a few months ago and multiple delays in the shoot were happening. It was later revealed that Jaya was expecting daughter Shweta at the time of the shoot leading to all delays.


Source : www.jantakareporter.com