13th February is celebrated as World Radio Day to mark the importance of this engaging entertainment source. Radio has always been a part and parcel of life since its inception. This dates even before TV and it remains an integral part of our daily life even today. Whether it is about relaying information, breaking the latest melodious hits, or just touching hearts, this is a vital instrument. Today we bring you a few reasons why it will forever remain a great friend to its listeners.

  • It Travels With You

Radio is something that travels with you without any interruptions. Whether you are in the kitchen, or in your bedroom or in your car, radio will always be there.

  • Song Choices

Radio always brings out the best songs curated to the listener mood. This mood is mapped according to the day, the time of the day, and even with regards to the weather. That is th exact reason why you just can’t switch channels so quickly.

  • Listeners Are The Centre

Radio always keeps its listeners as its center point and main focus. Each time an element plays on the radio, songs or advertisements, it is made with a curated team to appeal with the audience.

  • Variety

The sheer variety and types of shows that a radio provides can never be repeated on any other mechanized list. Each RJ, each show and each hour has a flavor which brings more melody for the listeners.

  • Personal Touch

From wishing your best friends on-air to demanding your favorite songs and talking to your favorite RJ, Radio is meant to remind you that it is here to personally take care of your entertainment needs.

Source : Cover