Radio Olive 106.3 FM wishes all its wonderful listeners a very happy World Music Day. Radio is all about awesome music weaved with intermittent love from our lively RJs to you (with few words from our sponsors). Even then, some feel that radio becomes a little too much about the talk. We at Radio Olive 106.3 FM assure you that we not only talk the (RJ) talk, we also walk the walk; or in this case, music the music! While you may have your own little playlist downloaded online or saved on popular applications, believe us when we say, it doesn’t come close to the medium meant for breaking all musical barriers. On this World Music Day let us convince you to spend more time with your popular musical friend of great taste, the Radio :



Surely any individual list of songs personally curated will have a maximum of, say, 100-500 songs. When it comes to Radio, a whole team of dedicated professionals diligently adds every new/old song into the database regularly. For any Radio Station the beginning of this list comprises of more than 5,000 (yes, you read that right) song database which only increases as time goes on.

Sanam Band



The music of every hour of every show is like a golden nugget of design carefully weaved for the occasion. A good radio station (like Radio Olive 106.3 FM) makes sure to always be ready with a special auditory treat when tuned in. It is also done in a clever way for listeners to keep sticking around too, a little something we call selling the music.




Radio professionals are also trained to keep a keen eye, or ear, on the musical mood of any song. Songs with specific emotions (happy, sad, somber), specific seasons (summers, rains), specific words, special singer and actors are all grouped accordingly. This list is then carefully melded according to the time of the day to make a special ‘feel-good’ musical session for yours truly.  
Music Mood


As time goes by human memories make us forget older songs as new ones crowd in. With Radio, rest assured that our team of professionals will keep some prized gems in store. These songs with hidden meanings and memories for all are used on our daily playlist to give careful doses of much-needed nostalgia.




Yes, you may have suggestions from YouTube, from popular Applications, from trending Bloggers, but will you still play that song? This is where Radio becomes the trusted friend who will have that song grow on everyone in no time. From 10 second samplings (or ‘Hooks’ as we call them), to unique facts about the song and special recommendation from the singer, we give you all the reasons.

Sunanda Sharma


All the above are just the many technical reasons on why you should celebrate your favorite music with us on Radio Olive 106.3 FM. There is, of course, a more personal touch to it all too when we talk of music and Radio. It is only on Radio that you can ask your favorite Radio Jocks to dedicate a special number to the ones who mean the world. With their mesmerizing voice delivering your lovely message, as a whole country listens to your song, trust us, it has a lot of gravitas. So next time when you decide to get into your car, make sure to tune in with cheers to your favorite Radio Station, Radio Olive 106.3 FM.

World Music Day