amitabh bachchan

Right now as we all practice social distancing, many of us are working in the kitchen to pass our time or to just get into healthy eating. At this time, the one thing that actually helps is grooving to some fun songs. These songs are not the usual numbers, but the ones that make you laugh with nostalgia and delight. Songs that have antics of Govinda to Amitabh Bachchan, and nuances of a fun Kishore Kumar. Catch awesome songs mentioned below and play them out loud the next time you want to lower the stress of kitchen chores.

Meri Marzi (Gambler)

This song used to be a 90s anthem for every person just chilling in life. The over-the-top lyrics and Govinda’s signature style, all make it worth a good laugh.

Ek Chatur Naar (Padosan)

The ultimate singing contest between Mehmood and Sunil Dutt, voiced by Manna De and Kishore Kumar respectively, is a vision for comedy lovers. The utterly annoyed expressions of Saira Banu just add to the charm.

Mere Angne Me Tumhara Kya Kaam Hai (Laawaris)

Amitabh Bachchan yet again showed why he is known as a great performer, in this song. From “Angry Young man” to all his avatars for the sake of the song were delightful for the audience.

Urvasi Urvasi (Humse Hai Muqabla)

The song, even though a dubbed version of the Southern one, had Prabhudeva grooving to the music of A.R. Rahman. The song is so charming that you won’t even notice the wrong lipsync.

Excuse Me, Kya Re (Excuse Me)

The first ever hit song of Sharman Joshi which proved his mettle in Bollywood. The song is packed with funny lyrics and maddhatter of a choreography make it a hit in this list.