It is the birth anniversary of Balraj Dutt better known in Bollywood as Sunil Dutt. The late actor started his career as a Radio Presenter himself with a radio channel. His command on Urdu language and impeccable diction of Hindi made him immensely popular. Dutt’s good looks got him noticed soon enough and he made his acting debut with the movie “Railway Platform” in 1955. His career only soared from here. On the brilliant actor’s birth anniversary, 106.3 FM Radio Olive brings you his 5 must-watch movies :

1. Mother India

He costarred with his future spouse actress, Nargis, as her unruly son. While the story dealt beautifully with the relationship of a mother and difficult son, the love story of Nargis and Sunil is what makes this movie even more special.

2. Mera Saaya

Dutt played the role of a man in a strange predicament where he is approached by a woman claiming to be his dead wife whom he saw dying right infront of his eyes. The confusion that ensues and Dutt’s portrayal is one of a kind.

3. Gumrah

Mala Sinha, Nirupa Roy make it into a film which is set up for the maximum drama. Sunil brings to life Rajendra who can not refuse his love for the married Mala Sinha and things go astray after that.

4. Padosan

Bhola is still one of the most loved characters of comedy movies in Bollywood and for good many reasons. The veteran actor convinced everyone that love, when done with innocence leads to a happy ending.

5. Munnabhai MBBS

He came back to screen to play his real son’s father in the movie and Sanjay Dutt was more than happy to be with senior Dutt on screen.