“I didnot invent the Rainy Day. But I own the best umbrella.” – Jimmy Fallon

Umbrellas…Either they keep the rain off or protect us from the sun. An essential piece of travel gear.

Today on Umbrella day, Radio Olive 106.3 FM unveils some facts about umbrellas…..

  • The word Umbrella comes from the latin word “Umbros” , which means shade.
  • Until 18th Century, Umbrellas were considered as Female Accessories.
  • The first man to carry an umbrella was an Englishman named Jonas Hanway.
  • There are many types of umbrellas, Traditional, Automatic, Compact, Bubble, storm, crutch umbrellas (They can serve as a cane or walking stick).
  • Majority of modern umbrellas are made in china.
  • One city in China has over 1000 umbrella factories.
  • Over 33 million umbrellas are sold in the United States each year.
  • First working “Folding Umbrella” was introduced in 1969 by Bradford Philips.
  • Opening an umbrella indoors is believed to bring bad luck.
  • Brolly is the slang used for umbrella in some countries.
  • Umbrellas are often used in photoshoots to soften the artificial lights.

So grab your umbrella. Weather forecasts say there are chances of rain this week…

Jiyo Bindaas….