World Radio Day

Today is Radio Day. Today is OUR Day. When the day is being celebrated at all the radio stations around the world, We at Radio Olive 106.3 fM presents few fun facts about radio. Stay Tuned….

  • Guiglemo Marconi is considered to be the Father of Radio. He was the one to send the first ever radio transmission in 1896.FM made its first appearance in 1939.

  • Back in the 1980s, people could download video games from a radio broadcast by recording the sounds onto a cassette tape that they could play on their computers.

  • The Eiffel Tower was supposed to be scrapped after 20 years. It only survived beacuse the military started using it as a radio tower.
eiffel tower
World Radio Day 7
  • As per UNESCO, around 44000 radio stations are there across the globe.
  • The foundation of Indian state Broadcasting services was laid in 1930 , after the private Indian Broadcasting Service went into liquidation and Government took over its operations.
World Radio Day 8
  • With over 415 stations in about 23 languages and 146 dialects, AIR is one of the largest broadcasters in the world.
  • Vividha Bharthi was one of the most popular services by All India Radio , launched in 1957.
Vividha Bharathi
  • Binaca Geetmala on vividha Bharthi was heard by millions of music lovers across the world. The presenter Ameen Sayani became a household name due to thi shsow. And till date, he is the most imitated Radio presenter. The show was started on Radio Ceylon in 1952 and then shifted to Vividha Bharthi in 1989.
  • Walter Kauffman has composed the iconic tune of Akashvani.
World Radio Day 9