Feast of the players, the fans and everyone who is related to the football team, celebrated worldwide on December 10. The well-known sports game originated in the deep past. The first mention of games such as football, is called an entry in the annals of the Han dynasty. It states that 2000 years ago in ancient China there was fun, the rules of which were pushing some items. Something similar was and the Japanese have about 1400 years ago.

t is not surprising that sports with such a rich history won their own holiday. About world football day declared UN world number one game has got a personal holiday. Now football is not only a sport but also a huge business. Everyone knows that he brings an extraordinary income. The reason is simple-the love of the fans. So that December 10 is our common holiday

Football is like life it requires self denial, hard work, sacrifice, dedication and respect, Football – the world where champions hustle for the the pride… for the country.. For the fans.. Football is an emotion… and Qatar has always been in motion with the world of Football. The road to FIFA 2022 is strong steady and ready.

This 18th Dec – the national day of Qatar.. Will witness the inauguration of one of  the most visually stunning and culturally important stadium AL Rayyan stadium.. Which will host the round of 16 venue during FIFA 2022.. Al Rayyan will have a direct metro access.. & being located close to Doha on the way to  beautiful desert landscapes  will serve as a gateway  to the desert.

And on the occasion of world football day 106.3 FM wishes everyone a very playful football day… Jiyo Bindas