Today is a very interesting day that should be celebrated because of how fun and healthy it is. 17th June is celebrated as “Eat Your Vegetable” day and yes, even adults need to be reminded to eat their vegetables. The fibrous, colorful and vitamin rich veggies should make up at least 30 per cent of your daily diet according to most scientists. After all, it is because of these that humans attain healthy digestive systems and sharper brain functions. While, most of us know about our favorite greens and yellows (and we hope eat too), we at 106.3 FM Radio Olive thought to celebrate it in a different way. Here we are listing what you’re a few of your favorite vegetables say about you according to some studies. Read on and find out about yourself :



1. Broccoli :
Though considered unworthy by all kids and a bliss for all dieticians, this green vegetable says that you have a serious exterior but a fun inner child.
2. Carrot :
It is great for the eyes whether eaten raw or cooked and it says some impressive things about the people who like it too. For people who like carrot, they like to take up many projects and that too independently.
3. Corn :
As hard working as it is to harvest and shuck the corn, the same is for the people who like this vegetable. They are also very loyal and dedicated to their work.
4. Eggplant :
Versatile and found in many colors, eggplant is used in many recipes. Similarly, the people who like eggplant have a great hold on social circle and situations. They are also very witty.
5. Mushroom :
People who like this vegetable are said to be intellectual but also a lot into themselves. They do have a heart full of humor and compassion and are very helpful.
6. Tomato :
If you are someone who loves Tomato as a vegetable, it seems that you score high on innocence and freeness. Emotional yet firm, such people are very loyal to their cause.

7. Potato :
A vegetable favorite with everyone this one signifies a person who is dependable and forthright. Just like this veggie works well in any form, so do the ones who like it, and are relaxed and adjusting to every situation.