Tumhari Sulu’s triumph

tumhari sulu trailer 0001The gorgeous actor Vidya Balan’s ‘Tumhari Sulu’ continues to be the first in the box office. This movie has grabbed all love from the movie industry as it portrays a very simple and interesting story. The lead character is done by Vidya Balan and she has done justice to her work. Her character depicts an ordinary housewife hails from Mumbai city and the movie plot happen in her life once she gets an opportunity to be a Radio Jockey for the night show. Suresh Triveni’s directorial debut movie is stealing our hearts. He has been working in the media industry as an Ad director and was always keen to do a movie. The movie aims to imply a strong inspirational quote ‘ I can do this’, everyone can relate to this phrase as we all struggle to catch our dreams. Tumhari Sulu has achieved to collect a total of Rs 18.23 crore collection at the box office.