Radio Olive 106.3 FM always promotes health and safety for all its audience. During this time of Coronavirus, it is advised that residents should avoid going out in public. Additionally, all schools and university classes have been suspended along with public transport buses of Karwa and Metro. There are many measures being taken by the authorities to curb infection. At this time, the best way to protect ourselves and loved ones from the infection is to be vigilant. We suggest for all to wash their hands frequently with antibacterial soap for 20 seconds. Additionally, sanitizing the surfaces around and keeping general hygiene is important at this time. For more updates and precautionary measures log on to Official Website of MOPH here. 

Moving ahead to all those who are stuck at home right now, there are many things you can do. Radio Olive 106.3 FM has quite a few activities that can be specially done during this time at home.


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1. Playstation records

This is the perfect time to challenge the records of all possible players online. Being at home will certainly contribute with increasing the points on game.

2. Stapoo or hopscotch or tic-tac-toe

This time at home will also make it possible to get back into childhood. Many games that we had only played during childhood can now be taught to children. This will make them more physically active and less dependent on social media.


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3. Organizing

Given the constant tussle with home and office, home organizing is ignored for too long. This can provide time and research on how to organize home more creatively and may be discover a few heirlooms.

4. Refreshing your hobby-love

Many people put aside their hobbies for later times due to daily tussle. Right now is the perfect time to cuddle with your favorite books. Make sure to sip your favorite coffee or tea along with it for ultimate comfort.


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5. 3D Tour of Museums

Yes, Qatar Museums is giving 3-D tours of its museums. Anyone can visit their website and experience a tour of the museums right from home.