The Rahman Playlist You Can’t Miss, With Radio Olive

Musical Maestro Rahman has been a part of every playlist in the 90s. He started out his career in 1990s and since then, it has been 27 years A.R. Rahman has been enthralling us with his music. Here at 106.3 FM Radio Olive, we make sure that you get the best of his chartbusters. Here’s a glimpse at the most amazing music that the man has given at the start of career that marked his presence across the music industry.


Roja :

The 1992 classic that marked the start of his journey for the “Mozart Of Madras”.


Daud (O Bhanvare) :

The amazing comedy is not the only reason why people still remember this movie. The background score was equally amazing.


Thakshak :

The song “Rang De” gave an absolutely different character to the otherwise somber Tabu, composed by yours truly.


Jeans :

One of the first romantic comedies with the beautiful Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, her beauty was perfectly described in this mesmerizing composition.


Rangeela :

The very song “Tanha Tanha” became synonymous to Urmila Matondkar after this movie and she was more than happy dancing to “Hai Rama”.


Dil Se :

The intricacies of a movie can seldom be represented by the album, but this one takes the cake. Whether it is title track or the vibrant “chhaiya chhaiya”.


Taal :

The whole album was a beautiful representation of how well Rahman knew our musical pulse. This one song especially stole the show for many.

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