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An upbeat and self-motivated team player. Her life follows an organized path that shows in her work. The mommy figure we all love talking to, Asha makes sure that everything in the office is done before the deadlines and is the main contributor towards the comfortable atmosphere at work. She has worked in various industries […]

A witty guy who loves music, marketing and movies. This fun-loving and talented chap loves what he does and uses it as a chance to meet new people and learn something new every day. Listening to music and off-roading are his stress busters. ‘Team Work makes the Dream Work’ is his go-to motto and he […]

A pleasant personality with a super positive approach. This girl is completely dedicated to work and bags 6 years of experience in handling FMCG and Pharmaceutical Brands. An extremely analytical human being when it comes to making decisions. Music flows in her veins and Waffles are her first LOVE. If you stumble, make it a […]

A small birdie who finds happiness even in small things. She loves to observe people and believes that each person who comes to her life leaves an impression. This girl wants to dive herself into a pool of freedom. Loves to read books and surmises that dream will drive you to success. Content is what […]

A resourceful, dedicated and organized administrative officer. Before joining us, the bubbly Aneesha was handling casting and directing work for an established media house along with organizing auditions for new talents and managing them. She can convince any client with her easy communication skills and you can never deter her from completing her tasks in […]

A driving force who ardently practices discipline and punctuality. Our day kick-starts with his smile. Our hero who ensures that all of us reach the office before our work time. Ajay is an extremely humble person who is always sharing his positive thoughts with his travel partners. Every day is a happy and power packed […]

A hyperactive soul who boosts your day to another level. Work time starts from his first pick-up call and he is another one of our heroes who takes care of the RJ’s. He ensures that each and every person in the team reaches home safe, sound and on-time. His smile erases all our worries and […]

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