The cat that doesn’t have to go to office but still hates Monday, a lasagna lover and an absolute delight to read with his wisecracks. We are talking about the famous feline, Garfield. With his owner, Jon and his dog-friend Odie, the ginger Garfield was created today on the 19th June in the year 1978. Since then, this day is celebrated as Garfield day and here we at 106.3 FM Radio Olive tells you more about this hilarious cat :

  1. Garfield’s owner, Jon has a second name too. His second name is Arbuckle.
  2. Before Garfield, creator Jim Davis had made a bug series called “Gnorm Gnat”.
  3. Davis’s inspiration was the many cats that were around his grandfather’s home and barn.
  4. In the initial comic strip, Jon had mustachioed roommate named Lyman.
  5. When Garfield was discontinued, there were protests which forced the newspaper to get back the cat.
  6. The ginger cat holds an amazing record too. Garfield is said to be t eh most read comic strip of the world.
  7. There was also a time when a whole Theme Park was to be dedicated to the feline but Davis instead opted for merchandising.