The Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) has set the price of an RT-PCR Covid-19 test at QR160, while both the rapid antigen and serology antibody tests will cost QR50 each.
This was announced on Sunday as part of the updated Travel and Return Policy of Qatar, which comes into effect from 2pm arrival time in Qatar on Wednesday.
Until now, an RT-PCR test’s price is capped at QR300, though many private clinics are known to be charging less than that.
A positive serology antibody test pre-travel is mandatory for individuals with two doses of a conditionally approved vaccine, with the validity of the test being 30 days.

* New conditionally approved vaccines
The MoPH on Sunday also announced the addition of two vaccines – Sinovac and Sputnik V (both two doses) – to the list of conditionally approved vaccines. So far, only the Sinopharm vaccine (two doses) was on this list.
The approved vaccines, on the other hand, are Pfizer/BioNTech (Comirnaty) – two doses; Moderna (SpikeVax) – two doses; AstraZeneca (Covishield/Oxford/Vaxzevria) – two doses; and Jansen/Johnson & Johnson (only one dose).
Serology antibody test with a positive result is mandatory before travelling to Qatar for people with two doses of a conditionally approved vaccines and 14 days after the second dose, only after which the traveller will be considered fully immune.
People who have received two doses of a conditionally approved vaccine followed by one dose of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine and after 14 days from the last dose, will be considered fully immune.

* Undertaking form
Meanwhile, the ministry has said all passengers must sign an Undertaking and Acknowledgement Form before arriving in Qatar. The form is available on the Ministry of Public Health’s website (, pre-registration platform website ( and airlines’ online booking form.
Citizens and residents who are fully vaccinated inside Qatar and arriving from one of the Green List countries are exempt from this requirement.

* Pre-registration
Non-residents of Qatar must register via the pre-registration platform on website and upload all relevant documents such as PCR test result, vaccine certificate and other relevant documents at least three days before arrival. Although pre-registration is optional for citizens and residents of Qatar, the MoPH recommends that all individuals entering Qatar pre-register to ensure the best experience upon arrival in Qatar.

* Ehteraz app activation with international SIM card
Travellers should download the Ehteraz mobile application and activate it on their mobile phones using a local or international SIM card.  

* Vaccinated outside Qatar
Travellers who are fully immunised outside Qatar with a vaccine approved by Qatar’s MoPH are required to submit the original vaccine certificate and other supporting documents written in Arabic or English, proving that they have obtained the vaccine, as follows: the name of the traveller must be identical to that on the passport; dose dates by vaccine type (one dose for Jansen vaccine and two doses for other vaccines); type/name of vaccine; and the serial number of the vaccine batch (if any).

* Travellers who have recovered from Covid-19 
For citizens and residents of Qatar who have recovered from Covid-19 infection, or those from any GCC country who have recovered from the virus and subsequently received at least one dose of a vaccine approved by the MoPH, the immunity period is 12 months starting from the 14th day of the date of recovery, or 14 days after receiving the vaccine dose in case of recovery.
Travellers recovered from Covid-19 in any GCC country must provide an official certificate confirming the previous Covid-19 infection and vaccination status.