Make Your Drive A Musical Saga With These Awesome A.R. Rahman Hits

Long drives, whether for pleasure or your daily commute from office to home, should feel amazing. That can only be through amazing music and who else to keep you great company than the maestro A.R. Rahman himself.

Here are some Radio Olive approved  Rahman songs that will let you have a Bindass Drive in Qatar!

1. Chhaiyya Chhaiya :

It looked extremely fun on top of a train and it is equivalently fun inside your car too. Make sure to turn the volume acceptably high for this.


2. Urvashi Urvashi :

The one song which is better in its original form as well as in its remix version. This time though, tune in to the 90s version and just breeze through that traffic.

3. Masakkali :

Your inner child will be alive and dancing in the car once this song comes up. It is an invariable effect on each one of as this one comes on live.


4. Delhi 6 :

It may be about 1 city, but the beats speak to everyone who has a love for dancing.  The awesome beats with the subtle rap will make forget about any congestion ever.


5. Patakha Guddi :

A song that will bring out the wanderer in you. The foot-tapping music and the fresh combination of Punjabi Music with A.R. Rahman are loop-worthy.


6. Tanha Tanha Yahan Pe Jeena :

Peppering the list with a classic, this number gets your endorphins running like a faucet. The carefree Urmila dancing on to Lata Mangeshkar’s vocals will bring a smile to your face.

7. Ishq Shava :

Not as cool as Urmila, but then there is Katrina showing off her suave moves and the lyrics support the brilliant creation and make your stress just melt away.


8. Jai Ho :

If this can get Rahman an Oscar, it can get you through the stretch between your office to home. Make sure to turn up the volume up to appreciate your awesome driving.


9. Matargashti :

Just get into the character of Ranbir and Deepika and let all the stress go by as you nod your head to the eccentric lyrics.

10. O Humdum Suniyo Re :

Even today, Vivek Oberoi only looks cool because he is riding the bike to this song on the screen. Kunal Ganjawala weaves magic with his voice which will take you away to an amazing journey in your mind.

All these songs are playing out for you especially on Radio Olive 106.3 as we are the Official Radio Partners for of A.R. Rahman Live in Qatar on 22nd March. Make sure to buy your tickets on