Radio Olive Travel Hacks

Summer holidays are here, and It is time for globe-trotting. Want a hassle-free trip? #HassleFreeTravel

Try a few hacks. #RadiooliveTravelhacks

Here, Radio Olive 106.3 FM  provides you with five Smart hacks that can make your life easier while travelling:

1. Scan and E-Mail It: Scan your passport, ID Card, Itinerary and email it to yourself. It is also worth taking a screenshot of the journey confirmations. This provides you with an extra copy in the event of loss or theft. #ScanAndMail

picture 1


2.Roll your Clothes: Instead of folding your clothes and stacking it, roll it and Layer it. It will save a lot of space and allow you to fit in a lot of things. #Rollclothes

 picture 2


 3. Sunglass Cases are the saviour: Use your old sunglass cases to keep cable cords, Chargers, earphones etc. Putting the chargers, cables in glass case will keep them untangled.#UntangledchordsSunglass

 Picture 3

  1. Wear Cargos: The deep pockets in Cargo pants will prevent you from checking your bag every time for phone, wallet, tickets and boarding pass. #CargoSavior

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5. Refill Travel Size Toiletries: Why to carry the full bottle of shampoos, lotions or moisturizers? Just refill empty tiny bottles. It is easy to carry them, and you can throw those bottles after use. #RefillToileteries

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Travel Light this summer with these hacks!! Bon Voyage… Jiyo Bindas!