Weekend is just around the corner and incidentally today happens to be World Party Day. Given the hectic schedule that every working person has, parties are a great way to dance the stress away. Parties are of course incomplete without awesome music, and here are the most fail-proof party songs suggested by the Radio Olive RJs to keep you company.

RJ Kabir : Let’s Nacho

The morning show host and man of Club Olive feels this one captures the right rhythm to get everyone grooving. 


RJ Priyanka : Coca Cola Tu

The bubbly jock is convinced this number is awesome to get her up and dancing in a jiffy.


RJ Sumit : Arre Rafta Rafta

A perfect oldie-but-goldie that makes Sumit feel light and happy and he recommends to every party.


RJ Harsha : Makhna

Yo Yo Honey Singh and Neha Kakkar churn out a fun number that RJ Harsha says she can get behind.


RJ Simrann : Bolo Tara Rara

Her Punjabi blood turns fun-jabi as soon as this classic party song comes on at any place.


RJ Neeraj : Speaker Phat Jaega

Multiple times RJ Neeraj has requested for this song on his own show, he feels speakers are meant to burst when this song comes on.


RJ Naina : Saath Samundar Paar

A classic 90s song that is meant to be danced upon, this song is a favorite with RJ Naina no matter what the time or occasion.


RJ Lallit : Tera Naam Japdi Phiran

Lallit is one for songs with trance factor and this one gets his attention every time he listens to it.