Qatar Rehabilitation Institute (QRI) has launched first rehabilitation helpline which is designed to make it easier for discharged patients to access follow up rehabilitation care and services. This helpline covers pediatric, adult, and older adult rehabilitation services. It is designed to simplify the process for patients to continue with their required rehabilitation care to support their recovery after leaving hospital.

Medical Director of QRI and National Lead for Healthy Ageing, Dr Hanadi Al Hamad, elucidated the importance of this helpline to promote the continuity of care: “Every day our clinicians see patients who have experienced a physical trauma following an accident, or neurological damage following a stroke or major surgery, or they have a debilitating chronic disease that impacts their ability to function independently in the community.”

Dr Al Hamad further elucidated, “Ongoing rehabilitation therapy is an important component of the patient’s recovery journey, not only during their hospital stay but also after they have been discharged from hospital. While we provide rehabilitative care to a broad spectrum of patients, we also have a significant number of patients who struggle to find their way within the healthcare system. For instance, some of our older patients experience more challenges in accessing the right follow up care after they have been discharged. Our helpline will help address these challenges – not only will it help patients get follow up appointments for rehabilitative care but it will also enable patients aged 60 and above to get an appointment with the new Geriatric Wellness Clinic,”

Dr Fatma Al Kuwari, Assistant Chairperson of the Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Department, a key sponsor of this program, added that: “The risk of delayed or discontinued rehabilitative care is that this may lead to relapse in the patient’s condition and possibly readmission to inpatient care. This is neither desirable or efficient for the patient and their family, nor for our facility – so by enabling the right delivery of follow up care we can ensure better patient centered care and operational performance.” 

Tawasol helpline can be reached at +974 40260400 – Sunday to Thursday, 7am to 3pm. The line can be utilized by patients, family or other care-givers for requesting assistance directly from a QRI staff member in Arabic or English.