The first sales phase for FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™ tickets will be the random selection draw sales period starting on 19 January 2022 at 1 PM Doha time. Three types of tickets will be available during this Random Selection Draw sales period: Individual Match Tickets (IMTs), Team Specific Ticket series (TSTs), Four-Stadium Ticket series (FSTs).

During this sales period, ticket applicants will be able to submit their ticket application at any time, without any preference given in respect of the submission date (i.e. earlier submissions will not be given any preference and do not have a better chance of success than later submissions).
In this sales period, ticket purchases will not be processed as a real-time transaction. All ticket applications submitted during the entire Random Selection Draw sales period will be collected for the allocation of tickets via a random selection draw on a predetermined date after the conclusion of this sales period.
Each ticket applicant may be successful, partially successful or unsuccessful in obtaining the tickets for which they applied. All successful, partially, and unsuccessful ticket applicants are notified by email of the outcome of their applications.
If their ticket application is successful or partially successful, ticket applicants will receive an email communication with further information about payment, including the steps to follow and the deadline to pay for the tickets. Please note that Visa payment cards are the exclusive payment method accepted for residents of Qatar, while Visa payment cards and other accepted payment cards are accepted for international fans. Visa is the preferred payment solution of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™.

For the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™ you may apply for up to six (6) tickets per match and you may purchase a maximum of sixty (60) tickets across the entire FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™ competition, per postal address. This rule applies whether you apply and/or purchase Individual Match Tickets, Team Specific Tickets, Four-Stadiums Ticket series, or other ticket product.

FIFA is also offering a special price for Qatar residents (category 4) starting from QR 40 for group matches and going up to QR 750 for finals.

In addition, during Sales Phase (1), before the final draw, you cannot apply for ticket products that may translate in the same match or matches played on the same day. Ticket applications for matches played on the same day will only be possible for some group matches, after the final draw, subject to the compatibility rules to be informed by FIFA Ticketing in in due course

For further ticketing information and updates on the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™, please visit regularly.