Home Delivery

During the COVID-19 times it is advised to cook at home for all. While it may be possible for some, there are people who still depend on home delivery services. Additionally, as social distancing becomes more and more important, the Ministry Of Public Health has released an advisory for all. This advisory deals with all precautions that one should take while using home delivery services. Please read them carefully to stay safe :

1. Make sure that the delivery person leaves your order on the door front.

2. Make sure to keep a distance between yourself and the delivery person.

3. Always use single-use glows to handle the order and discard the upper cover along with gloves in nearby dustbin.

4. Use the online payment mode to avoid handling cash and keep away infection.

5. Make sure to give exact change to delivery person so that there is no chance of exchange of cash and any infection. Also make sure that you wash your hands after the interaction.

6. Always sterilize the packages, wipe them clean with a sterilizer and tissue.

7. Practice general hygiene and wash your hands for 20 seconds with soap and water after disposing of the packaging safely.

8. Make sure to sterilize all surfaces which come in contact with the package.

9. After sterilization, serve in clean dishes to family.

Home Delivery

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