qumra 2021

Doha Film Institute’s annual session of Arab cinema talents meeting and inspiring each other, Qumra 2021 went live with its largest virtual edition yesterday. There were more than 150 industry experts from 41 countries who came together to mentor 48 young cinematic projects directed by movie filmmakers.

The filmmakers were welcomed in Qumra 2021 by Fatma Hassan Alremaihi, Chief Executive Officer of DFI who said: “As an initiative launched to strengthen the powerful connection between the creative energy of the Arab world and industry communities around the world, Qumra continues to serve a central role in identifying and nurturing cinematic talent.  After an incredibly challenging past year not only for the film industry, but for all of humanity, our focus has been to ensure that our support to promising cinematic voices remains uninterrupted. This year’s virtual edition underlines that no matter where we are in the world and the turmoil we are experiencing, the medium of cinema will continue to uphold freedom of expression, bring understanding across cultures and backgrounds, and inspire optimism for the future.”

She further elaborated that the credit for success of this session of Qumra 2021 goes to the young filmmakers. They proved their hardwork and determination to pursue passion of cinema at this time as well. “I salute their commitment and dedication to the art of film, and I am confident that Qumra will serve as a beacon of hope and confidence that together we will overcome the challenges and build ourselves stronger. We are also extremely humbled by the unfailing commitment of our 2021 Qumra Masters and Filmmaking Mentors, without whose contribution, Qumra would not be possible.”

Palestinian filmmaker and DFI’s Artistic Advisor Elia Suleiman expressed his hopes of being inspired by Qumra 2021. The filmmaker has worked personally on his latest film in the past months and was eager for this edition of Qumra.