All Antakshari Fans Of Qatar, Start Preparing

After much wait, 106.3 FM Radio Olive Antakshari is back with Season 2 and it is better.

Plan right now and Register HERE immediately as time is slipping away as practice is key. The stakes are higher this time as competitors from last year are her and the ones who missed out have worked hard. Now is the time to show your mettle. We are here to support you too to win the 106.3 FM Radio Olive presents Antakshari Season 2 and here are our tips :


1. Practice your Bollywood Trivia :

Your Bollywood knowledge will be tested like the boards exam and you have to be prepared for it.


2. Keep up the confidence :

Confidence is the key to winning any competition and Antakshari Season 2 will be no different.


3. Make sure you get actor names correct :

When the round to figure out actor names is there be sure to not be confused between Ranbir and Ranveer.


4. Know your team members :

As you proceed towards the finals, your partners will help you out the most. Build a good rapport with them to ensure you reach the top finalists.


5. Make sure practice your songs :

Sometimes wrong words can land us into trouble and you may not be able to trick the other team.


6. Don’t get over excited :

Yes, that does happen when a contestant blurts out the other team’s song too. A little control will take you a long way in the competition.


7. Play at home to get a feel of the songs :

Make sure to have fun with the songs, your enthusiasm is key to making you win this.


8. Keep listening to Radio Olive to know the best songs :

The key to have great songs for Antakshari is to listen to great songs every time, and for that we are here. Keep listening to 106.3 FM Radio Olive to make sure that your Bollywood song game is on top.