As a component of digitization and simplification of services of the Ministry of Interior, 6 new services have been added to Metrash2.

The new services added to the Metrash2 application are as follows:

Exceptional Visa Extension Service – You can now complete the exceptional visa extension service for Businessmen visa, Official visa and Tourist Visa. This service permits application for extension of a few kinds of visit visas according to the predefined conditions and will require supportive documents, the application will be electronically accessed.

Employer change service for visa holders – Now visa holders can access and complete employer change service, this includes expatriates, working within the country on work visa, in accordance with documents including an NOC provided the current employer.

Changing the sponsor for family – Within ‘Residency Services’ you can now access the ‘Employer Change – Family Relationship’ service. With the submission of an application from the New Host for change in sponsorship, expatriates on family sponsorships can change their sponsorship to another family member, this application will be further referred to the Review Committee electronically.

Visa for newborn (for a mother inside the country on a family visit visa) – when a mother on a family visit visa gives birth within the country. Conditionally, the host can apply for a family visit visa of the same type, that will issued to the mother, for the newborn baby.

Establishment registration service – in the ‘general services’ of Metrash2 you can have access to complete the commercial establishment registration service (computer card) for government, semi-government and private companies.

Service for changing personal employer and those on similar status (Farms, Fishing Boats) – The service is available on Metrash2 for personal employers and those on similar status, such as owners of farms and fishing boats. With required documents, the new employer can access and complete the employer change service, this application will be further referred to the Review Committee electronically.