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Sunday, April 5, 2020


Ministry Of Interior has announced that all citizens, expatriates and legal persons should register their national address by July 26, 2020. Residents can do it through 3 ways : Metrash2 app on mobile, MOI e-service portal using a Smart ID Card, by visiting the Unified Services Centres of the Ministry of Interior where you have to submit a National Address Registration form by visiting any MOI Services Centre.

Radio Olive also had the pleasure to host Mr. Faisal Hudawi ( Translator & Media Coordinator) from Ministry of Interior – Qatar to share all the details with RJ Kabir. In this video all the details for National Address Registration are shared. Main questions which have been addressed are :
1. What is National Address Registration Law, No 24 for the Year 2017?
2. What are advantages of this National Address Registration?
3. What is the fine if not registered?
4. Who all are required to register?
5. What documents are required to register?
6. How to register?



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