Maddy or R. Madhavan is an actor who has held his own on screen in every movie he has done. As he turns another year younger , the man only get’s better at his act. Maddy’s innocently charming looks, suave manner and attention to detail in every character has earned him respect in Indian cinema as well as many hearts across the country too.  Among the many brilliant films that he has done, here are a few that are a must watch on his birthday:

1. Vikram Vedha :

Bollywood has called dibs on the remake of this Tamil superhit. Madhavan is Simon, a no-nonsense police officer. Simon’s quest to deliver justice to a drug smuggler and murderer leads him through some interesting loopholes of life.

2. Rehna Hai Tere Dil Mein :

A movie that made a whole generation realise what love looks like. Innocently portrayed by Madhavan and Dia Mirza, this movie is a must for anyone who is into intricacies of romance and happy endings.

3. Rang De Basanti :

Even though Aamir Khan was the main protagonist, but the underlying story of Flight Lt. Ajay played an important role. Madhavan lit up the screen with his surprise entry at night on a bike on dusty lanes following the whole gang. It is not a surprise that the demise of the character affected so many.

4. Saala Khadoos :


Another epic from the south cinema also starring Madhavan, the story is about a former boxer who decides to train a completely raw female protagonist for the game. The character’s complexity and how he deals with his won failures and projections is an interesting journey.

5. Tanu Weds Manu franchise :


Madhavan was the only one who could take romance from any genre and make it dreamy. A hardworking doctor, Manu, who decides to marry a bashful Tanu played by Kangana Ranaut. It was a match that was meant to ignite imagination and it did with both actors doing a fabulous job.