Radio Olive just wants to remind everyone to practice social-distancing while we bring you all the news from around Qatar. These news are all about the development and more positivity in Qatar. Keep reading to know all about it :

1. University College London (UCL) Qatar Master’s (MA) students in the Museum and Gallery Practice Programme, have come together in their efforts and in collaboration with with Sidra Medicine and Weill Cornell Medicine – Qatar, they want to create a virtual exhibition that explores becoming a mother and the journey of pregnancy.

‘Umoumah’, which stands for “motherhood” in Arabic, is the name of the exhibition which features five thematic units woven together through different mediums such as video, poetry, interactive games, educational activities among others. It was launched on the website of UCL Qatar, ,a Qatar Foundation partner university.

2. Qatar Charity distributed over 45,000 among quarantined workers in Industrial Area Streets 1 to 32. Rami, a Qatar Charity official said, “In addition to the food baskets that are distributed daily among the workers, personal hygiene items have also been distributed, such as soap, sanitisers etc. Qatar Charity has distributed more than 30,000 personal hygiene packages among workers,”  Along with this, at a field trip for media persons and community leaders to the area, organised by the Ministry of Interior on Saturday, Qatar Charity official said they were distributing 1,000 food baskets  daily through four trucks entering the area.

3. This news will have many people interested as Ooredoo announced that customers who hold YouTube Premium subscriptions can now add their monthly subscription charge to their Ooredoo bill or get it deducted from their main credit balance. For postpaid customers, monthly YouTube Premium subscription charges can further be added to a regular postpaid Ooredoo bill. This can be paid along with the bill when it becomes due each month.  As far as prepaid customers are concerned, the subscription monthly charges will be deducted from their main credit balance. Subscriptions will renew automatically unless it is cancelled.

4. In more news regarding public convenience, Public Works Authority (Ashghal) has announced the completion of the roads and infrastructure works for Integrated Workers Complex (IWAC) in West Umm Slal (Bu Garn), and opening the roads to traffic. The main purpose of the project is to serve the needs of the workers accommodation and the logistic city in the area and to connect them with the existing road network. These facilities are expected to serve 31,000 workers.