Qatar Theater witnesses 33 different events diversified programs, many of which deal with the components of national identity 28 activities targeting youth within the identity promotion program 36 providing community radio with materials known as culture and country identity values securing a number 2418 loophole of loopholes highly important in the field of security , cybersecurity.
– Doha



Revealed the Ministry of Culture and Sports aside from the achievements that have been achieved on the ground reality during the year 2019 , which is about to finish , and so out of the strategy of the ministry aimed to achieve ” the mobility of cultural sporting youth actor based on a system of ad valorem genuine contributes to achieve all spectra of society, to enable young people to enhance the contribution In building a home
As I worked the ministry during the year 2019 to establish the presence of the state in various forums , local , Arab and international through its participation in many of the events that confirm the faith of the State of Qatar , the deep importance of dialogue , understanding and exchange of cultural and sports and youth as a means upscale in identifying the other, and help to extend bridges of cooperation between everyone, And spreading the values of tolerance and peace through dialogue  between different cultures

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Cultural mobility
It seeks the Ministry of Culture and Sports through its strategy to provide an environment of cultural developing and incubator for the energies of the community of Qatar in all its components to sharpen its capabilities in the project of a national renaissance transmitted to the ranks of countries developed and civilized, making the State of Qatar , a model emulated by the cementing of its cultural regionally and internationally , and the starting point of the conscience of its people inherent and an anchor on Human civilized value system
The Ministry of Culture establishing system culture is based on the guidelines constitute the whole perspectives of life leads the community to establish a pattern of civilization is reflected in the dealings of its members with each other in various walks of life and enhance the identity of national and include the perception of the value of time and the importance of the use of it , the love of science , research and knowledge , outlook work Saleh and the importance of perfected , view of the nature and the importance of maintaining the capabilities of natural , look for another different and respect and promotion of citizenship as a catalyst for the progress of civilization and prosperity

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Identity enhancement
To achieve the strategy of the ministry has been working on most of the focus in the middle of the quarter , the first of the year , the current was the implementation of a program to strengthen the identity of the target groups of society all and in particular the emerging youth, which included a plan year , the current 36 activity targeted 11 of which category arising out of any rate (31% ) and 14 category of young people by (38%) and 11 class society by (31%) it , which reflects a balance in the distribution of activities to groups during phase I of the implementation And a variety of methods used in the delivery of messages enhanced the identity of the national with the emerging where included : songs , games , motor games ,stories , and tales of heritage, the field of theater where the production of plays for theater puppets and five plays for the theater of the child were displayed all being completed by two plays new theater dolls, either in the field of singing has It was produced two songs for children as has been organizing a competition choir between the schools in collaboration with the Center of Qatar events and will provide presentations winners for boys and girls within the activities of the day national in the path of the courier, and in the field of games motor that promotes the values of the identity of national has been a Sthaddat two games for children are toy tires musical and play sport marathon was were found in response to good from the category targeted in many of the events that have been organized for this purpose.
Youth activities
Where he was during the year , the previous implementation of the season theater first theater youth ” our young people on the stage ” from through the theater university with the participation of four universities also have been providing 5 offers local and presentation theater from the Sultanate of Oman, and in the field of hair systems , the Office of the Arab Group of the Ministry of competition poet universities in collaboration with the University of Qatar participated in the stages of the first 50 students reached them 14 to stage the third arrived six of them to stage the final to determine the positions of the three winners in the competition, and at the level of campaigns awareness systems center conscience of civilization by graduates of its ” ambassadors of values ” is more than about 10 lectures and 16 workshop work for elements of identity National, Also included the activities of Doha , the capital of the young Islamic eating perspectives of value in the countries of some of the young participants during the discussions that took place during the forum Doha Youth Islamic

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Community activities

In the framework of activities directed to all members of society encompassing the production of three plays dealt with the values of identity and national was attended by an audience large crowd of citizens, organizing festive night song Qatar on the Theater of Qatar National during the month of Oct. 2019 with the participation of a group of singers in Qatar in cooperation with the pioneers and the makers of the song Qatari poetry and Hanna , where he saw provide five songs new, and in the framework of seminars and cultural systems Club Aljasra cultural cooperation with the Center Hassan bin Mohammed studies the historical seminar was during Asthoudara historically the most important stages of history that passed by civilizations through history and addressed the components of the core of civilizations through Waltari X including the value of work, and Otfiela the role of the channels of YouTube in the promotion of the values of the identity of national at the level of society produced a site ” Doha 360″ 28 programs a diverse eating many of which the elements of the identity of national, and to activate the role of the hair in the promotion of the values of the identity of national being setup program Diwan Alodam which kicks off within the activities of today ‘s national, in the framework of the media radio communities resident has been supplying radio communities , which granted licenses from the ministry materials known as culture and values of the identity of the country, and in the framework of cooperation with writers and journalists , influential has been published several writings of the press dealt with the concepts of the elements of the identity of national, and in watts T use events world to promote the values of identity National was the celebration of the Day of the Earth in the framework of strengthening the concepts of dealing in charge of the environment and preserving the capabilities of nature.
Cultural diversity
The belief of the ministry role of the State of Qatar as a partner trusted by the level of international and recognizing the importance of the role of culture in the strengthening of relations with the countries of the world and to promote rapprochement between the peoples especially that the State of Qatar is home on home soil, communities representing most countries of the world and contains the diversity of cultural unique between the spectra of society so has the ministry the establishment of the center to enrich the cultural and that in the context of its efforts to create a framework of the founders of the sponsors and supports the convergence and diversity of cultural, and the organization of the Conference on diversity cultural regional , which is organized by the Ministry of culture and Sports in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Organization for dialogue cooperation Asian under the slogan ( culture bridges dialogue Walt The most important ) with the participation of senior officials and representatives of the countries of the dialogue Asian, as well as the launch of the activities of public cultural Qatar – India 2019 – which continued its activities during the year 2019 , and included a bouquet variety of activities aimed at the definition of art and heritage of Qatar in India , in contrast , the definition of members of society Qatari heritage and cultural diverse India, and participation in the forum Petersburg cultural international eighth , which was held under the slogan “cipher cultural in conditions of globalization ” on the over three days with the participation of officials and heads of organizations , international and leaders of institutions of cultural major to side figures public and experts prominent in the field of cooperation and culture.

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Attend a culture in abroad
The Ministry of Culture to prove its presence externally from through participation in a number of (8) shows a book of Foreign Affairs in the various countries of the world in the year 2019 , including : Exhibition of Frankfurt International Book Fair , Exhibition Istanbul International Book Arabian , Exhibition Moscow International Book Fair , Exhibition Muscat International Book Fair , Exhibition of Paris International book , Exhibition Kuwait international book Fair , Exhibition Casablanca Casablanca
international book Fair , and the exhibition of Tehran international book Fair , and the organization of version II of the Forum book of drama during the month of November 2019 with the participation of a group of writers , critics and artists Arabs from 14 state , also began the work prize drama this year , where he received the ( Commission number of 819 post N 29 state distributed to the areas of the award three ( text theater – Scenario TV – Scenario radio
International and highlight the culture of country in the forums of international, at the level of the Gulf and the Arab numerous events that participated in which the Ministry of Culture and Sports emphasis on the culture of Arab Fsharki in the celebrations of the State of Kuwait , the sister anniversary of the 57 independence, and the anniversary of the 27 liberation in February the past under the slogan of ” Kuwait .. our country Kuwait ” during the period from 14 February 2019 until 3 March 2019 m, and the owner of these events provide operetta musical review entitled ” Kuwait .. our country Kuwait ” , and included several paintings lyrical and exhibition with the participation of a number of students Qataris and Kuwaitis, organizing events and cultural accompanying Cup Gulf 24 included the activities of the Council of Qatar at the Stadium Khalifa, and a play ( Villa 24) , starting from the date of 23 November for a period of 15 days , except on the opening and closing at the . Theater of Qatar National , and the difference the popular ” music language of peoples ” , ” Teams communities ” at the Stadium Khalifa

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Media freedom
Recognizing us the role of the primary , which can be the press print and media video , audio and media – mail to do it in the course of ensuring access of people to the full information that they need and opportunities to Tobeiran their views and concerns and the dissemination of governance good and in the fight against all forms of hate and discrimination was the ministry prepared a draft law to regulate the publications and publishing activities Media and the arts in the context of modernization legislation and to keep pace with the development of technical and technology in the field of publications , publishing and activities of media and the arts, and in support of freedom of opinion and expression and freedom of the press and the media in the State of Qatar , has received juridical Recently on the approval of the Council of Ministers and the ongoing completion of procedures for issuance, and has also launched a service radio new is the service Dab ( broadcast digital stations radio ) and so on 30/6/2019 and began the ministry in received applications for licenses to start from September 2019 and met with turnout significantly from pre – seekers license
Statistics and numbers
The show statistics and figures the size of the achievements that have been achieved during the year 2019 which confirms the support of the mobility of cultural within the state where the version number (7) books in the various branches of knowledge as have been translated number (4) books, as well as for the organization of a number (5) exhibitions of art participated in which number 15 artists Cecchelaa were displayed a number (68) panel and the work of art which, as has been during the year was the license for the number (4) the role of the publication of a new which ( Dar dowel Publishing – House Museums Qatar Publishing – House of culture Printing ,Publishing and distribution – House published University of Qatar ) and during the days will be completed by a license House published another, and took place during the year 2019 the number of (33) the effectiveness of the theater of Qatar National varied between weeks w Rhyme , festivals and cultural , offers a play , offers lyrical , evenings of poetry , arts plastic, where he reached performances theater during the year held at the Theater of Qatar National (21) presented theatrically, characterized by richness and diversity. The total number of they borrow books from libraries General of the Ministry (18.809) Mstaara, as was the number of books borrowed (25.689) books, as was the number of books of Arab libraries General of the Ministry (570.233) books and books of foreign (59.905) books and the number of periodicals (2.830) Patrol
The activities of cultural major
In the framework itself organized by the ministry of many of the events and cultural grand of including the Forum Cultural Literary on the occasion of the day World of Haralve organized by the Center of Qatar Poetry ” Diwan Arabs ” in cooperation with the Committee on the affairs of Poets ” Council of poetry ” Steering the Eastern theater uncovered in the institution of public neighborhood cultural – Katara – During the month March 2019
Under the slogan of ” Doha knowledge and conscience ” organized the session ninth Twenty of the Exhibition Doha International Book Fair with the participation of (427) House published from the 30 – nation Arab and foreign , and that during the period from 29 November until the eighth of December in the center of Doha Exhibition and Conference , and provides the exhibition for patrons (121.900) the title of the book , organized on the sidelines of the exhibition a number of seminars , literary workshops and evenings of poetry and preparing the ministry now for the start of the session Thirty of the exhibition . Also it organized by the Ministry of Culture and Sports wedding heritage in accordance with the traditions of Qatar HE Ambassador of Panama in the State of Qatar, and comes this initiative is based on the desire of the ministry to strengthen the links between the people of Qatar and the peoples of different embodiment practically to the value of openness to the cultures of other and promote forms of expression culture that pursued by the State of Qatar , held the wedding date 28 April 2019 in the village heritage in the garden of the Dahl Hamam where the HE Ambassador invited the close of the 70 diplomats with their wives
Under the slogan of ” launch and engaging ” kicked off the activities of the Forum Second authors Qatari in the Library of Qatar National on 05.01.2019 to announce the official from the forum and publicize it and its responsibilities in the presence of a group of authors , intellectuals and publishers who discussed the opportunities and challenges that face the authors and the role of publishing and owners of interest and promote a culture of dialogue on issues of interest to the authors before and after the stage of writing this stage interfere with the discovery of talent and consequent upon the care of and what followed from work related to production and beyond attended the forum of approximately 100 participants. The organization of the effectiveness of the ” Night Song Qatar ” on 11.10.2019 in support of artists Qataris and residents and encourage them to launch their creations in the field of arts Qatari authentic and improve taste art and the discovery of talent and technical and support and care and the Qatar project was launched and read in cooperation with the Qatar Foundation to achieve the strategic goal of ” increasing the knowledge outcome by 20% at the end of 2022″ and it targets (5) different environments represented in the family environment – the work environment – the community environment – the school environment – the university environment. Also been activating the role of the library Khansa library family serving the family , which helps members of the family to encourage each other to go to the library with a focus on the child of through the allocation of 4 halls of the library are arranged to serve the process of encouraging children to read Mathematical mobility.
On the level of the last and for the side of the sport has embarked ministry during the year 2019 on the development of playgrounds Furjan including allowing the exercise of the activities of sports a variety of different categories of society and in this context was the opening of the courts Furjan in Khor emphasis on the interest of the state sports community and sector youth and support an investigation to see Qatar National 2030 , which will provide an environment sports integrated in the area of the creek including reflects the keenness of the state and continuing to support and build facilities sports that serve the community and includes project playgrounds Furjan Al Khor number (4) courts of the foot , hand , basketball and volleyball beach , as well as there is a building for the practice of sport Shooting and track for walking, running and cycling and the games children covered building switch clothes and chapel for men and another for women and the games sports open. As the design of the new stadiums took into account the foundations of development and sustainable from where the selection of systems saving energy and friendly environment, and the organization Ultra Marathon Qatar 2019 from the east to the west and reached in length a total of about 90 kilometers meters on five stages and was involved in it is open to all members of society, as well as for the organization of the activities of daily in the framework of the project (365) days activity in the parks public in the state for men ( garden Aspire Park Rayyan ) and women ( garden snapshot garden Khulaifat ) , establish a tournament (365) Football presented Furjan in order to publish sport and discover the talents of new, organizing regular youth of Qatar non – professional and mounted on the tide Two days a week and attend the youth of Qatar , which increases the age of 16 years old and non – registered in the lists of the Federation of the ball, and held a race Theeb during the month of December 2019 and that the three phases of 10 kg and 25 kg and 50 kg , a race recognized by internationally of the Organization International for hostile routes and participate in the race of 400 participants representing 35 countries, was organizing the effectiveness of the sport and fun during the Championship Cup Gulf 24 with the participation of students of schools from Qatar , Kuwait and Oman, in addition to organizing the program of sports institutions and includes competitions sports among institutions in the number of games sports also includes lectures and seminars sports in addition to procedures for measurements An indication T mass body for the employees of institutions, as well as program sport universities included organizing competitions sports a variety of students colleges different was completed a race to run for students of schools in the garden fads participated in which 800 students, was signed agreement of cooperation with the Academy of the Olympic country for a period of 5 years to promote the concept of training , rehabilitation and development of vocational cadres national in clubs and bodies of sports to achieve the aspirations of the vision of Qatar 2030 and the goals of national development in the areas of sport with relevant, as has been the completion of a draft comprehensive for the and also strengthened the weight of regional and international winning membership in the international government to the Convention on the protection and promotion of forms of expression and cultural UNESCO in 2005 for the years four next representative from the Group of Arab in this committee , comes this win during the session seventh of the Committee on Government of the Convention , which was held in Paris , the beginning of the month of June 2019 AD , the culmination of the efforts of the cultural that provided by the State of Qatar and the proof of the confidence of the States signatories to this Convention , and number 145 state members, and on the status of international , which enjoys the State of Qatar on the level of the world , and will contribute to the State of Qatar from through its membership in activating its role in organizations of rehabilitation of clubs class first as commensurate with the requirements of defense and civil, was winning the award for the board of Qatar M I am green for the best initiative of government to rationalize the energy, and the organization of Championship Triple Islamic , a tournament community annual race in which the participants in three sports different are swimming , archery and riding horses.
Youth mobility
We believe in the Ministry of Culture and Sports to invest in young people and enable them to engage in the process of development is a thing inevitable and not choice, and empower them and enhance their abilities requires work to provide the environment stimulating not Stnead motivation and highlighting capabilities and in the framework of its strategy designed to enable and activate the role of youth in society. In this regard , it worked the ministry during the year to promote citizenship and the values of identity among young people as well as to raise their life and their : leadership and encourage the creativity , innovation and sharpen motivation and increase their from by achieving the following. ushing young people to take over the leadership of the centers youth that spread in across the country from through elections directly from the members of the Assembly , the public and even the date of the this report were elected directors of central youth ammunition and Alkaaban and will hold elections in the rest of the centers , respectively. Involving youth in formulating strategic plans for the sector and the ministry, as well as participating in preparing the national youth policy currently being prepared. It works ministry on the turn centers youth into incubators youth adopt their initiatives and provide them space for creativity and development themselves. He worked to strengthen the voice of young people and their participation in decision -the decision of through the establishment of councils of youth elected youth as the Committee Advisory Youth , which will be elected during the days coming , and are prepared in accordance with the strategy for installation of the Council of Youth of Qatar. Worked the ministry to enable young people to through the promotion of identity and citizenship to work with young people in the dissemination of system value judgments supporting the progress of civilization to keep pace with the progress of physical and uphold the value of justice and equality , where the implementation of activities geared to young people within the program of strengthening the identity of the national Keen ministry to achieve convergence and communication between our youth and young people the world has chosen Doha to be the capital of the youth of the world Islamic during the year 2019 , it was the selection through the participation of the ministry in the forum Youth Conference of the Islamic dialogue and cooperation arm of the Youth Organization for Cooperation of the Islamic , which was held in Istanbul during the month of October 2018
Youth activities
In this framework has been organizing many of the events that met with success great including : organizing ceremony of the launch of the activities of Doha , the capital of young Islamic under the slogan of ” the nation of its youth ” during the month of April 2019 under the auspices of the presence of His Highness the Emir of Qatar to save God and in the presence of His Excellency the President of the Council of Ministers and a number of ministers of youth in the countries of the Islamic ambassadors it was during the ceremony announcement of events included in the program of Doha , the capital of the youth of the Islamic, as was during which delivered the key to the capital for the youth of Qatar. As well as the organization ( forum of youth Islamic ) on 7 July 2019 and lasted until the date of 11 July 2019 , was hosted 90 young people from the countries of the world Islamic have included themes Forum on governance governance and transparency among young people – young people and bet on the development of sustainable – young people and means of communication and social simulation diplomacy, and the organization of the effectiveness of the oasis Doha innovation during the period from 14-20 September 2019 , where display 50 young from the countries of the world Islamic inventions, the organization of camp Doha youth work volunteer and humanitarian during the period from 28 October to 6 November with the participation of 50 young people from the countries of the world Islamic. Also announced that the Ministry of Culture and Sports for the launch of the award creativity Youth has included a number of areas including axes of the arts visual , photography photosynthesis , movies short , have been announced for the winners of the prizes from the various countries of the Islamic beginning of the month of December, and confirmation of the mobility of youth has shown Statistics Youth following : reached the total youth practitioner of the activities of the various centers of youth affiliated to the ministry during this year 32.852 participants, reached the number of volunteers Center Qatar to work volunteering during the year 2019 the number of 1.422 volunteers, also won the delegation club scientific Qatari seven medals ( two gold , two silver and three bronze medals ) in the exhibition states X Inventions in the  Middle East , which held its activities the State of Kuwait, in the middle of competition 130 inventors of representing 39 nation Arab and foreign. It began the ministry in the plan Rejuvenation leadership centers , youth , where the reduced average age of leadership centers to 40 years after that was 52 years old.
General Achievements
The completion of the preparation of the strategy of the Ministry of Culture and Sports, which extends until the end of 2022 , has completed the study on the participation of young Qatari in the life community , where was a poll the opinion of an electronic for young Qatari about their participation in the life of public unparalleled views of different were analyzed data for the study and out the recommendations and proposals appropriate and Gary preparing for the publication of the study, the completion of the development and launch of the services of electronic provided to the public than through the gate e of the ministry and linking them to the gate of a government, prepared by the Ministry of (12) manual procedures governing the work and activities have been adopted and initiate in applying Kaha, the start of a project to develop the system of security which aims to protect infrastructure infrastructure information and respond to accidents and attacks , electronic and resolve and recover them and to promote a culture of security of cybersecurity, and in this regard has been securing a number 2418 loophole of loopholes highly important and 10313 vulnerability of the gaps of high importance.