Ministry Of Public Health has made sure that residents are not infected or inconvenienced with the Coronavirus as much as possible. A number of steps have been taken by the Ministry Of Public Health to ensure safety and security of residents. From food quality checks to entertainment of kids at home, multiple measure have been taken by the Ministry. We at Radio Olive 106.3 FM are trying our best to give you all the authentic information right here.

fruits and vegetables

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1. MOCI or Ministry of Commerce and Industry has now put a bar of maximum selling price for items like fish, seafood, fruits and vegetables. These prices are particularly set till 31st March. The prices will extend to all retail outlets and will be subjected to further extension.

2. Qatar Foundation’s Arabic language TV, Siraj will go on-air with new adventures for all kids to enjoy at home. Rashid and Noura, the animated brother-sister duo will share their adventures and entertain the kids.

3. MoCI has further urged all delivery services to be more vigilant. They have compelled companies taking in and processing delivery orders to abide by the precautionary measures. The measures are particularly about health and safety conditions, especially in terms of wearing gloves and masks.


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